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These acrylic pieces continue my fascination with fluids interacting with each other and with gravity. The method combines chemistry and chance; the materials are fickle and each piece is a surprise. Energy and potential are conveyed through a magnetic inward pull coupled with the suggestion of a world extending beyond the edges.

All pieces are 6" x 6", acrylic polymers on hardboard.

PRINTS AVAILABLE: Contact me for details.
Dissipate. 2019; 6" x 6"; acrylic polymers on panelCassiopeia. 2019Alpine Flower. 2020Firestorm. 2019Bicameral. 2019Dissipate (2). 2019Stained Glass. 2019Neuron. 2019Fruiting Body. 2020Eruption. 2019Iris. 2019Cluster. 2019Passing Through. 2019City Lights. 2020Tiffany. 2020Contained Lightning. 2019Corpus Callosum. 2020Mesh. 2019Meadow. 2019Oxidize. 2019