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This series of 36" paintings combines abstract-expressive mark-making and computer-generated geometries to create chimerical landscapes.

Fluids of different viscosities, such as ink-jet printer ink and house paint, are flung with abandon or threaded in loose spirals. Colored medium blown around on paper captures erratic edges. Resist techniques exploit the absorbencies of different types of paper, and wet-on-wet techniques allow color to stain, drip, splatter, and seep in unpredictable ways. Then small, translucent, computer-generated geometric shapes are applied in collage. These precise digital forms act as a foil for the colorful abandon of the fluids' marks.

Review: The Museum of Modern Life opens in Portland,, 05/02/2014 (PDF).
Double Vortex. 2014; 36" x 36"Vortex in a Flower Garden. 2014; 36" x 36"Blue Vortex. 2014; 36" x 36"Colliding Galaxies. 2014; 36" x 36"Maelstrom. 2014; 36" x 36"Three Comets Pass a Hurricane. 2014; 36" x 36"2014; Each 36" x 36"; Ink, acrylic, digital inkjet prints on paper, mounted on stretched canvas. Exhibition view at the Museum of Modern Life, Portland, ORExhibition view at the Museum of Modern Life, 2014Exhibition view at the Museum of Modern Life, 2014Exhibition view at the Museum of Modern Life, 2014