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Coming across a "Bureau of Parks" sign during a walk in a park inspired me to think of possible government bureaus that might administer less concrete aspects of our lives, such as Fate, Fortune, Unhappiness, and Everything. Some of the paintings extended beyond bureaus and became reminder notes for existence.

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What Lies Between. 2000; 11” x 15”; Acrylic, ink, and oil on paper, mounted on panelTeach Us to Care. 2000; 11” x 15”Bureau of Fate. 2000; 13” x 17”Another Day Closer. 2000; 11” x 9”The Comfort and Privacy of my Home. 2000; 11” x 7 1/2”Bureau of Everything. 2000; 13” x 17”Bureau of Ambition. 2000; 11” x 9”Bureau of LandscapesBureau of UnhappinessI am Covered in AirBureau of SparksSweet Mystery of NightBureau of DeparturesI Need to RememberThese Two MenBureau of Tiny Insects