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In these mixed-media paintings, precise computer-generated topologies float and fly through abstract environments that evoke outer space and ocean depths. Each piece represents a moment within a dream journey, with a nod to Hiroshige's Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. Materials include inkjet and artist inks, artist acrylic, latex house paint, and collaged digital prints, combined in a process that’s playful yet thoughtful.

To see all 46 pieces, visit the exhibition page at the Upfor website »
Review: "Julia Stoops" by Sue Taylor, Art in America, April 2015 »
46 Views. Upfor Gallery, Portland, OR. 2015. Each piece is 16" x 12”; mixed media on mounted paperThe Diver's DiscoveryDas MarchenWidening GyreThe KissThe HermitA Funnel and a KnotProtective EscortTwo ExplorersSweet NectarArchiveDancingThe Misinterpreted DreamJewelled LissajousBlue AmoebaHistorical DocumentThe TurningThe Vast Realm UnderfootPleiadesThe Flock