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After an absence from the studio, I decided to facilitate my reentry in January 2012 by reviewing the recurring symbols in my past work. I came up with 78, and over the next few months I drew them on manuscript pages (from my novel, Parts Per Million) and other random Xeroxes I had collected over the years. First I laid the Xeroxes on the floor and flung paint over them to generate the initial marks. Then I added inked grounds, often with a horizon line to reference landscape. Finally I drew, painted, or applied a digital print of a symbol on each piece.

The Symbols Inventory fed directly into the paintings of The Space Between, and a selection from the series was exhibited alongside the larger works.
Symbols Inventory - partial collection. 2012. Each piece 8" x 10", mixed media on mounted paperSymbols Inventory exhibited at the North View Gallery, Portland, OR, 20131: The Circle2: The Concentric Circles8: The Oval Wireframe13: The Elegant Siphon18: The Half Torus21: The Rings22: The Horn24: The Extended Horn29: The 3D Quatrefoil32: The Traveling Sphere35: The Treesphere42: The Stairs44: The Three Comets45: The Pennant49: The Figure in the Desert52: The Intense Shadow53: The Cliff Edge54: The Volcano